July 25-28, 2018




Fair Looking for Midway Operators

The Faribault County Fair Board is looking for groups to help operate the inflatables on the Midway during the fair.

As many now know, the carnival that was scheduled to come to the fair has backed out of the contract with the fair. In order to bring some entertainment on the Midway, the fair board has rallied together some inflatible attractions for fair goers to enjoy. That said, the fair board needs help operating the inflatibles. The fair board is looking for organizations and groups in the county to help operate the nine inflatible attractions during the fair. The fair board is inviting groups like FFA, Gun Clubs, Relay For Life, and others to help run the Midway.

The work is fairly easy. All that is required is that the group helping each day work as attendants at each inflatible to verify that each fair goer has a wristband before going on the attraction and help any fair goers with getting on and/or off the attraction. Each group that is working for a day or multiple days is asked to supply at the least 10 volunteers each day that they are helping for the duration of the time the attractions operate. The fair will donate an amount of money to the organization that the volunteers come from for their work at the fair. Below are the times required and the amounts donated to the organization for that day. 

The fair is not seeking out individual workers for pay at this time.

Wednesday: 4-10pm $250 to organization
Thursday: 4-10pm $250 to organization
Friday: 2-10pm $300 to organization
Saturday: 2-10pm $300 to organization

Questions and comments may be directed to Zach Rinehart at 507-383-4076. Leave a message if no answer.

To schedule your organization for a day, call and leave a message at the Fair Office at 507-526-5802. We will return your call to confirm your group and get a list of workers.
Each day is first come first served for organizations.


-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

Carnival Cancels on Fair

For Immediate Release
July 14, 2017
On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, at 7:00pm the Faribault County Fair board of directors held their monthly meeting on the fairgrounds outside just east of the Hall of Arts building due to heat.
At the meeting mail correspondence was read to the entire board of directors from Cody Rides stating that the company would not be supplying rides and games to the Faribault County Fair July 26-29, or any future dates.
This letter came to the board of directors after several attempts to contact the company via phone to inquire about advance sale tickets that had not been shipped to the fair for sale before the fair in July.
Gathered information has uncovered that Cody Rides has backed out of all other future fairs this summer as well.
The Faribault County Fair board of directors was shocked to receive this information of the cancellation.
The board of directors is currently seeking out other options for the Faribault County Fair midway entertainment, and hopefully will be able to replace the carnival with only eleven days until the fair.
At this time the board of directors hopes that support for the fair will continue, and that there are still many other activities, contests, and sights to see and do at the fair this year despite the setback of the carnival.
The board of directors hopes to be able to give an update on the midway situation later next week.

-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

April Meeting Moved to April 10th

The Faribault County Fair Board of Directors has moved the April monthly meeting from Tuesday, April 11th, to Monday, April 10th, at 7pm due to scheduling conflicts. This meeting will be held in the main atrium at the Ag Center across from Blue Earth Monument on MN-169. Any questions, comments or concerns may be directed to the website's Contact Us page.


The meetings of the Faribault County Fair Board of Directors are free and open to the public.


Thank You,

-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

May Meeting at VMB

The May monthly meeting of the Faribault County Fair Board will be held at the Veterans' Memorial Building on the Faribault County Fairgrounds at 7pm on May 9th. All are welcome to attend.


-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

BREAKING Fair Dates Change 2017

The Faribault County Fair Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on March 31, 2017, to discuss the coming summer months and the 2017 fair after seeing the Farmer's Almanac calling for another hot summer like that of the 2016 county fair. To avoid the terribly hot tempuratures, Zach Rinehart moved to change the dates of the fair to December 12-16 for a five day fair. President Sara Gack implimented board member Zach Rinehart's motion via executive order and deemed the 2017 Faribault County Fair as the, "GIANT Gathering under the Snow." 


New games and activities will be added to the grounds, including a fairgrounds wide snowball fight similar to dodgeball with the last man standing being the winner of the grand prize of Glove Warmers, A Year Supply of Hot Chocolate, and Cold Hard Cash!


Scroll down for more Winter Fair Details!



The fair dates are staying July 26-29 for 2017.

We hope you had a good laugh with this. Enjoy your day and we look forward to seeing you at the fair!

-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors