July 25-28, 2018




John Roper Steps Down From Board

At the February 14th meeting of the Faribault County Fair Board of Directors, County Commissioner John Roper stepped down from the Board of Directors of the Faribault County Fair due to a conflict of interest between his positions on the fair board and board of county commissioners. To eliminate any legal issues and/or conflicts of interest, John Roper elected to step down. The Board of Directors of the Faribault County Fair appreciated the insight that John brought to the board, even though that time was short lived. John Roper, as the rest of the community, is welcome to future meetings to provide input as citizens of the county community. The Faribault County Board of Directors is not actively searching to fill the vacancy that John Roper stepping down has created at this time due to focusing on planning the 2017 Faribault County Fair. 


Thank you,

-Faribault County Fair Board of Directors