July 25-28, 2018




Annual Meeting Nov. 1

The Annual meeting of the Faribault County Agricultural Society and Fair Board will take place on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. 

This meeting will go over the the past year and review the details of the Faribault County Fair in 2016. The annual meeting will also host the election(s) of new board members as well as officers on the board. Board members carry 3 year terms, and a board member's term as an officer is good for 1 year before the need for an election.

Following the Annual meeting, the regular monthly meeting of the Fair Board will commence. Any regular business will be addressed at this time.

The public is welcomed and encouraged this annual meeting and all meetings of the Faribault County Fair Board and Agricultural Society.

Thank you,

- Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

Fair Board Member, Brandi Jacobsen, Steps Down

At the August 9th, monthly meeting of the Faribault County Fair Board, the resignation letter was read and accepted of Brandi Jacobsen of Winnebago, MN. Mrs. Jacobsen included in her letter that she was leaving for personal reasons, including but not limited to spending more time with her family and not being able to put enough time into both family and fair.

Brandi was in charge of overseeing and maintaining the Open Class along with the assistance of Sara Gack, Fair President. She handled arranging superintendents, judges, volunteers, as well as other details regarding Open Class and the buildings pertaining to the Open Class Departments. Along with the Open Class, Brandi oversaw the scheduling and arranging of the various free activities and contests on the grounds with assistance from the other board members. Brandi also assisted Director of Digital Media, Zach Rinehart, in keeping up with inquiries on social media accounts as well. Brandi Jacobsen accomplished all of these things while also being able to help around the grounds in various capacities during the fair week.

The Faribault County Fair Board is sad to see such a dedicated and hard working board member go, but the board also understands Brandi Jacobsen's position and wishes her well in her future endeavors.

The Faribault County Fair Board will be filling the vacancy on the board in the November Annual Meeting of the Faribault County Agricultural Society and Fair Board in the Ag Center in Blue Earth, MN. Any persons interested in being on the Board of Directors may submit a letter of interest to the fair's email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send their information to our mailing address listed below. A résumé with references is not required, but preferred.


Faribault County Fair
Attn: President Sara Gack
PO Box 384
Blue Earth, MN 56013

Thank you,
Faribault County Fair Board of Directors

Fair Museum Update

Do you know which building on the Faribault County Fairgrounds is 
the oldest?  Do you remember when the round barn burned?  You may 
have heard of the “Lone Ranger”, but did you know that in 1961 he 
made an appearance at the county fair? The answers and much more 
information have been compiled by the Fair Museum Curators.  The 
Fair Museum, found in the Gold building, was started in 2010 for the 
Sesquicentennial celebration during the Faribault County Fair. It has 
been a great way to preserve the history for this 150 year old fair. 
Spring is usually a time for cleaning and organizing.  If during this 
process one finds historical photos, news articles, fair books, artifacts 
relating to Faribault County Fair, the museum is always accepting new 
items.  All the items donated have brought back memories for young 
and old when strolling through the museum which is open during the fair.
Contact Sara Gack, 507-787-2290, Yvonne Cory, 507- 787-2523, 
or the fair website www.faribaultcountyfair.com  for additional 
information on preserving Faribault County Fair History.

Bright Future for Cattle in Double Quonset

UPDATE! The Faribault County Fair has been working with the local 4-H clubs to get new lighting installed in the Double Quonset! This picture was taken at night with only the new lights on. We are glad to be able to work together with the 4-H communities in our county! More electrical outlets have been added for fans too!

Double Quonset Lighting

Fair Board Bids Farewell and Welcomes Members

The Faribault County Fair Board bids farewell to two members from the board of directors. Dave Adams, of Blue Earth, stepped down from the board for personal reasons, and Lorraine Hougland, of Kiester, has retired from the board of directors after 11 years serving the Faribault County Fair. We wish them well. 


The Faribault County Fair Board would like to warmly welcome two new members to the board of directors. Milo Goltz and Justin Dahl, both of Elmore, were voted onto the board of directors at the November annual meeting which was held at the Ag Center in Blue Earth. We look forward to the talents and insights that both of these members will bring to the board and to the fair!

-The Faribault County Fair Board of Directors